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The History of Gamma Beta Chi Fraternity, Inc.

         Much of our fraternal tradition began due to the tribulations of an old Fraternal Order which our Founders were members of. The Fraternal Order is believed to have existed in the late 1950’s. Those tribulations and hardships began to tear away from the bond of brotherhood that the order initially created. Regardless of the fact that the old order became independent and then incorporated, the order was still at a constant decline of membership and enthusiasm. Our Founders took a look back at all that the Order had suffered and realized that they desired to begin an organization which embodied an even greater mission. With this in mind, a second vision was born in 2002 in Broward County, Florida.

          The entity of Gamma Beta Chi National Service Fraternity was founded as a full Greek-lettered service fraternity on November 15, 2002 by former members of the old Fraternal Order. Our Elite Founders, Imperator William M. Johnekins, Imperator Bobby L. Robinson, Imperator Billy F. Williams and Imperator Jovan H. Rembert, organized themselves to officially formulate, what the organization calls “The Meeting of the Minds”. These men felt the need to leave behind the previous social order to unite and officially assemble a new brotherhood dedicated to acquiring community service hours which cater primarily to the uplift of youth and young adult communities.

          This was to be the drawing of a brand new era for men who were interested in taking just social and professional interaction to a loftier, more insightful and meaningful level. Service would be the call to duty, even more; these gentlemen all brought a sincere love and genuine interest in educating youth through youth programs, mentorships, and leagues to which they previously belonged. This same zeal for youth was historically instilled into the organization from which various service programs and focuses were developed traditionally in the fraternity. From this point, a new incorporation definitely had to be filed with the State of Florida on March 8, 2005, making Gamma Beta Chi National Service Fraternity a legally functioning organization, sanctioned by the State of Florida. Chapters began to flourish immediately. Chapters are still growing along with colonies and interest groups constantly petitioning the National Officers for chapters on their perspective college campuses and in their communities. Gamma strives to become a beacon of light in a dark time to show the world that positive men still exist and that we are on a mission to win back the productivity of our youth, black business men, and communities through service to mankind.

          During the Annual Leadership Summit, July 1-3, 2022 in Broward County, Florida the leaders convened to discuss the state of the fraternity and the forward vision on how to propel the organization forward. It was here where the hard decision had to be made on bringing the organization into compliance with Federal Code Title IX. After hearing the thoughts of the brotherhood, a vote was officially held on July 4, 2022 on the official name change. In an 8-3 majority vote, it was voted to drop National Service effectively changing it to Gamma Beta Chi Fraternity, Incorporated.

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